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How to groom a mixed breed dog?

I have a black lab/newfoundland mix dog. She has a medium length undercoat and a long, shaggy top coat that get matted. I bath her and brush her regularly, but would like suggestions on how to trim her. How do you trim a long haired dog? Do I comb it out and just chop it off straight? How much hair should I leave on? I don't want to shave it all off, just trim the long part. Is there in reason not to trim her? Or any part that should stay a certain length? I want her to look nice, not like I just hacked handfuls of hair off. Are there any websites that might give good grooming hints for mixed breed dogs?

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

You can trim, I do..............but make sure you know what you are doing or you could have a dog that looks like it just came out of a horror flick!

Bathe the dog first and use conditioner (pet conditioner)....that will make it easier to brush through those knots.

Brush the top coat with a bristle brush (not metal), and go through the undercoat with a rake (sold at any pet store).

When you want to trim, always use your fingers, as a hairdresser does to hold the bottom of the fur (so you don't knick the skin), and make sure your dog is comfortable with you grooming (if he/she is not being cooperative)...STOP...and take it to a prefessional groomer where they have the apparatis for keeping the dog still.

Easy around the face, as you want to leave the hair longer, to keep the dogs natural look. Watch around the genitals, and always remember to cut the hair between the pads and nails, as when they walk they need to feel the ground for security, the fur there complicates that.

Leave about an inch of hair over the rest of the body or more if you wish, but be consistant throughout.

Re knots: If you have a bad know, cut as low as possible, then brush it out with a metal grooming brush (detangler), it will come out with patience and persistance.

After the haircut, bathe again to remove excess hair, and airdry, or blowdry and add some BABY POWDER CORNSTARCH) cornstarch only please so they do not get any irritations, and they will smell incredible!

Good luck! and please be careful and use appropriate haircutting scissors (found at any hair supply store like sallys or through

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

Get a shed brush to comb it out it will get both undercoat and overcoat..Then snip it off

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

The main reason I would not trim a dogs coat is because it protects them from the coldness of the water, the coldness of winter, and protects them from the heat in the summer. If you do wish to cut her hair I'd buy a pair of clippers, the electric razors for dogs, and use that instead of the traditional comb and snip with scissors. It is not too expensive to bring your dog to the groomers and have them do it professional, usually for a thick coated dog it's not more than $50 maximum. Good luck and I hope I helped.

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

You might want to have a professional do it once for you then just maintain it. Nefoundland has lots of hair and might be hard to cut yourself. Also some dogs can't get a haircut because their hair won't grow back the same. Talk to a groomer.

After they have done a trim, it will be easier to maintain it. I bought clippers for my dogs and it's easier to do the maintence after she was trimmed once. They also sell books on how to groom your dog if you are interest. Go to Amazon.

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

If you want her to look nice my suggestion would be to simply thin her coat.

When I have an elderly Samoyed who is not being shown I use this:

It literally cuts/thins the fur... so there are no clumps missing or scissor lines. Of course, thoroughly combing the dog out combined with a high velocity blower to assist really does wonders.

How to groom a mixed breed dog?

Since the dog is a mixed breed, there is no standard for grooming. If it looks more like a newfy, then groom it as to the newfy standard.

His thick fur is to protect him in icy water and harsh climate. They shed twice a year.. spring and fall. The best tool to get out the excess is a metal rake. (grooming tool). Only trim hairs that extend longer than the rest if you must trim at all. The are meant to look that way.

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